Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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So for my mission I decided I'm going to use to post my letters and pictures. It seems like a lot of people use blogspot but this site seems pretty cool (after you figure it out). And hopefully my sister or someone will keep up to date on it all while I'm gone :)

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Toms style shoe for a mission?

Alright people... there is nowhere that says if toms are okay or not. Maybe for certain missions?

People tell me no... but returned missionaries tell me that I will regret not having them.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Kids shoes for mission shoes? Small feet problems

For all of you that have tiny feet and can't seem to find missionary shoes... well here is a great find :D

The brand is Chooze and I got them from I love them!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Book of Mormon Journaling

HELLLOOO. Or should I say WAH GWAAAN! (Jamaican ya know)
So I wanted to share some things I've been doing with my studying to help out anyone who might be tring to study the scriptures or prepare for a mission. My pics are specific on the Book of Mormon, but you can do it with any scriptures 

FIRST. I  have a nifty little composition book (walmart for 97 cents) that I made into my Book of Mormon study book. The first few pages look like so:

I did this for each of the books and I got the information easily from the Seminary guides in Gospel Library. 
After all those my notes look a little like this:

I take average notes... the things that stick out to me. Key points on the side will make it look up specific notes later on. Also little thoughts and things are always a good idea to put with your notes to make them more personal

~~(For Missionaries)~~~~ One more really good thing to do is make sure you put down scriptures in your Preach my Gospel book to refer to later.

Spice it up!

Add things like notes from Preach my Gospel, True to the Faith, or conference talks. 

Clothes for Jamaica (part 1)

There's about 3 months until I leave for my mission, but it's getting cold and clothes for Jamaica are going to be harder to find soon... Plus family trip to Salt Lake calls for shopping!! 

So I'm still a little clueless on some of things I need or should bring, but here are some of the clothes I got to get a start on my mission shopping. If you're going to Jamaica try to get the most light weight clothes you can. Shirts that you don't have to layer and things that aren't very tight. I thought it would be hard to find modest short-sleeve basic T-shirts but I found so many awesome ones that will be nice. (Luckily for me packing will be so much easier with all the small light weight clothes)

First things first... The half Tee's. I always thought these were the weirdest things, but now I am SO grateful for these because they give the coverage you need without adding the extra layers! It's awsome. Plus it's kinda hard to find shirts these days that don't require layering.

Outfit #1: Light lacey white/cream top from Down East, black and pink mid calf (I'm very short though) skirt from Mr. Mac
Outfit #2 is the shirt from Outfit 1 with the skirt from outfit 3

Outfit #3: Skirt from Down East (I wasn't sure about the color at first because I'm bad at matching colors, but this skirt is sooo awesome!) Gray shirt from Sierra Trading post (on sale for only $10!)

Outfits #4,#5,#6: Same awesome skirt from Down east, (the lighting in my room made the shirts look bad, but just know that they are much darker), Brown shirt from Down East, blue shirts from aeropostle. I'm way excited about these shirts becasue they don't need layering!

Outfit #7: Thin light weight dress from Down East. I got the belt from walmart, but I mostly added it for the picture haha. I need to get some other belts. 

Outfit #8 Pink shirt (a little dressier for the occasions and "colder" weather) from gap, black&white skirt from Dress Barn (built in slip!)

Outfit #9 Sorry the picture is a little blurry.... Got this dress at Mr. Mac, but it's not as heavy as their fancier cute dresses. It still has the built in slip which is very nice!

A few other things: I have too many gray short sleeve shirts... I'm sure I'll wear them though right? I also got a tan cardigan (as well as a gray one I plan on bringing), a few other thin shor sleeve simple shirts, and a really thin, light rain jacket. The rain jacket is a hard call since it just rains all the time in Jamaica... I'm still going to bring a rain jacket and umbrella, but we'll see! 
Socks: The no-show socks from payless are great if you get the ones with the no-slip heels 

Any questions or comments? Please leave below or in the submission!  Happy Mission y'all

My Mission Call!!

My call came on October 20th, 2016


Yes, my favorite movie of all time is Cool Runnings... and I'm so excited!

October-November New Blog

I had a different blog... and I'm moving it all to this blog... so the dates at the beginning are a little messed up :) 

Welcome to my missionary blog!! Any questions or comments? Please feel free to leave them for me!

The agony of waiting for your mission call... Enjoy it!

October 22, 2016

I wanted to start out with this post because I got my mission call 2 days ago and didn't realize until now how exciting it was to wait for it... sounds kinda odd? Maybe not.

You check the mail. Excitement fills you as you see that powerful white envelope with your name on it. You tell everyone about it and before you know it, there is an audience before you anticipating the moment. You read the first line...... you read "You are assigned..." and chances are your eyes have already seen where you're going. It's one of the most exciting moments of your life thus far!!


No more wondering all the places you could go (although you should definitely pray to get confirmation that that is where you're meant to go), no more having your parents tease you about getting called to just a few missions away, no more worrying about going somewhere freezing cold (that was me... just a little).

So enjoy that time! Enjoy the impatience, the worry, the teasing. Enjoy looking up all of the 400 + missions and wondering which one you're meant for.
Click here to see the video of me opening my call 😃

(Just an FYI I got everything done in two weeks and my call came 3 weeks and 2 days later. For those of you wondering, I think they usually get sent on Mondays; I got mine on a Thursday.)